Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Longest Week Ever

Is it just me or did last week feel like the longest week ever?  For us it was sick kids, sick parents, school delays because of weather, school and work closing because of weather.  I'm really hoping this week is much more calm.   Since we had such a crazy week the hubby and I jumped at the chance for a date night.  We ate a Chuy's and hit up Babies R Us and Target.  Do not get jealous that we are still wild and crazy after 3 kids.

Because I am the worst blogger ever this is the only picture I took of our date night.  I know, I know I was suppose to take a picture of our food and of us doing something silly in Target but I really just wanted to enjoy some time out with my man and not worry about anything else so that's what I did.

Saturday we had a visit from Tracy's cousin Hunter and his wife Katey and their adorable kids Henry and Lucy.  Lucy is just two days older than Zac.  It was fun to visit and I wish they lived closer so we could do it more often.  I can't believe I didn't get a picture of the kids together!

We have a chance for Ice later in the week so that could mean schools delaying again.  I'll just be hiding under my blanket waiting for Spring if anyone needs me

Saturday, February 7, 2015

A Birthday and A Minivan

The past couple of weekends have been pretty busy.  The last weekend of January happened to be my birthday weekend.  That Saturday my sister and I did what we do best.  Shop and Eat!  We went to Belk, Ulta, Bath and Body works, and my all time favorite Target!  We also hit up Starbucks and had lunch at Chuys.  Yummy!  We got a lot of great deals and had so much fun.  My favorite deal was from Target.  I've had my eye on a kitchen island there for over 2 years. I always check to see if it's on sale when I go in there or if I'm looking online.  So while I was looking at it that day I asked the island why it would never go on sale.  Yes I was actually talking to the island.  It did not answer me but my sister did.  She noticed the clearance sticker  Woohoo! Half price baby!  So I went to the red phone to ask for help.  I love how they have to be there in 60 seconds.  It's my favorite when they come running from the other side of the store.

That night the hubby and our boys took me out to one of our favorite local restaurants for supper.  We had a nice meal and they boys were so good.  They love going out to eat.

Last weekend we finally bit the bullet and went shopping for a new (to us minivan).  We've been looking online and had a list of several we wanted to look at in person.  We had been leaning towards a Honda Odyssey but also had a Toyota Sienna and a Chrysler Town & County we wanted to look at. Well after it was all said and done we ended up with the Town & County and we LOVE it!  Honestly we all love every thing there is to love about it.  The boys have so much room!  My joke had been that Noah wasn't allowed to gain any weight until we got a bigger vehicle.  Well he can eat up now.

I feel like such a mom now.  I never thought I was the minivan type but now I'm asking why did we wait so long?  If you have more than 2 kids it's a must.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Getting Back in the Groove

I finished my first week back at work.  It was a busy week for everyone.  Noah started back to school on Wednesday and Eli started going to daycare/preschool full time.  My mom started keeping Zac for us.  So it was a big adjustment for everyone.  Plus it was super cold which makes it so hard to get out of bed.  I think overall this week went really well.  There were a couple of morning we overslept or that Zac woke up while we were trying to get ready and one of us had to take care of him until my mom got there but overall everything was good.

One thing I did to help with the week was use my crockpot for supper a couple of nights.  It's so nice to come home at the end of the day and have supper cooked.  I cooked beef tips and gravy one night and BBQ chicken another.  I'm going to try to use it at least 2 to 3 times a week.

We are still dealing with Eli being a picky eater.  He's so funny most kids would probably have only eaten the bbq chicken but all he would eat was the broccoli.

So here I am on Saturday morning working on my meal plan for the week.  We are trying to eat healthier so I plan on taking one of our favorite recipes each week and "lightening it up".  If it's a success I'll post the new recipe.  First up is Creamy Chicken Enchiladas.  Fingers crossed!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The First Weekend of 2015

Wow I can't believe it's already 2015!  The years just keep flying by.  To celebrate the New Year we took the boys out to their favorite Mexican restaurant on New Years Eve.  Zac was a perfect baby and slept through the whole meal.  We've only been out to eat a few times since he was born but he always does well and sleeps most of the time.  Now eating at home is a completely different story. He seems to wake up right when we sit down to eat.

There were a couple of football games on Thursday that the hubby and I were pretty excited to watch.  In the end we both ended up disappointed so instead of talking about that lets look at this cute picture of Zac watching one of those games with daddy.

We spent all day Saturday and most of Sunday cleaning and trying to get the house back together after the holidays.  We still have the boys bedrooms to tackle.  We have got to figure out a better toy organization system and weed out some of the toys they don't play with anymore.  The boys were sad to see the Christmas tree and decorations come down but we got them excited thinking about fun stuff that's coming up like Valentine's Day.  Kids make the holidays so fun!

Back to Work

So after almost 3 glorious months of being home with my boys I had to face reality and go back to work on Monday.  I really love my job and the people I work with so it’s not that much of a hardship but man I loved wearing pajama pants all day errday.

Being a full time working mom of 3 (one newborn, one sassy toddler and one on the spectrum) I've decided I need coffee.  Lots and lots of coffee.  I found this yummy creamer that I love!  4 tablespoons (do not judge me!) is only 1 point if your following Weight Watchers.

Since I am back at work full time Eli now goes to daycare five days a week.  He was going three days so it's not a huge change for him but after all the time off for the holidays it felt like he was starting something new.  I'm glad he was in a good mood on his way to daycare!

Here's to hoping we survive the week!  Noah starts back to school tomorrow.  Fingers crossed tomorrow morning goes smoothly! 

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Peace Out 2014

So it's the last day of 2014 and I haven't blogged since July.  I've had the best of intentions and I've started a few posts but they just sat in my draft folder until I felt it was too late to post them.  One of my New Year's resolutions is to blog at least once a week.  I love looking back at older posts of the boys.  I'm sure it will be much easier to blog now with three kids to chase after and working a full time job.

This year was a good year but we definitely had some hard times just like any other year.  The best and hardest day was October 23rd.  We welcomed Zachary James Taylor into our lives.  He was born over three weeks early and had to be transferred to a hospital 45 miles away from us to stay in the NICU.  It was the hardest time of my life.  I am so thankful that he had excellent care and one of us got to see him every day.  Tracy was a rock star.  He made sure to give Noah and Eli attention and go see Zac plus check on me.  I don't think he slept at all the first week.  Zac got to come home the beginning of November and we have settled into being a family of 5.  Oh it's crazy and our house is a mess.  Sometimes we eat McDonalds or pizza for supper but we wouldn't have it any other way.

Here are a few pictures to wrap up 2014.

Eli turned 3 just 4 days before his baby brother was born!

Noah and Eli seeing Zac for the first time.  This is the only picture I have from the hospital of them with Zac.

Baby brother in the NICU.  He was such a trooper while he was there.

Holding Zac for the first time on October 31st.  Best feeling in the world!

My hubby looks good holding a baby!

So happy to see all three boys together.

My Noah is getting so big!  He thinks we are crazy for giving him 2 little brothers!

I feel like we didn't do a lot of Christmas activities for the boys this year.  It was hard with a little one and the day Noah got out of school for Christmas break he came down with the flu.  Eli ended up with it too.  But by the grace of God and lots of Elderberry syrup Trace and I have not gotten it so far.  We also quarantined Zac to our room to keep him away from the germs.  On Christmas Eve we decided we had to get Zac's first picture with Santa and we knew Noah would be so upset if he didn't get to do this tradition so we piled up in two cars (one was the germ mobile) and headed an hour away to Bass Pro Shop.  We had to wait over an hour but it was worth it.

Well that's all I've got for 2014.  See ya next year!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Busy Week

We have had a busy summer filled with lots of doctor appointments for me and Noah. This week was no different it was filled with doctor appointments but two of those were for Eli.  He had his first dentist/teeth cleaning visit.  He was so good!  He got to watch Frozen while they cleaned his teeth.

His dentist was right next door to where Tracy and I work so we went to visit and have some breakfast in the cafeteria.  He loved it.

Later that day Eli had an appointment with an ENT to check out his ears.  He's had several ear infections in the last few months.  No tubes for now but we are going to watch him closely.

While mommy and Eli were at the ENT, Noah and Daddy were getting Noah's cast off!  Yay!  No more cast!  He does have a brace he has to wear for awhile but he can take it off for baths and stuff so we are excited.

We let Noah pick somewhere he wanted to go once he got his cast off for a celebration.  He picked Chuck E Cheese.  Oh My Goodness.  The placed was packed!  Kids everywhere.  It was so loud.  But both boys had a blast!  They loved it so much and had so much fun.

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